Checking in - Do you want to promote your project, brand or company?

Hey Folks!

I truly hope you’re all doing well and are staying safe. This is a difficult time for many and I’m proud to say that we at MongoDB are working hard to help those hardest hit and also to empower those fighting the virus. The Covid-19 Help Project is still accepting applications. If you’re interested check out the blog post.

I also want to let you know that we have so many ways we can help get the message out about your projects, companies and brands - but we rarely get the opportunity to do it… I know everyone is so busy… but I’d love to help you generate some awareness for your projects.

I’m preparing a short survey to get feedback from Startups and Developers. It will also have an invitation to participate in some community activities such as blogging, videos, podcast appearances, AMA’s, Twitch Live coding, Speaking at a virtual event. I encourage you to answer YES to the question about participating in promotional activities for your brand and project. This will enable me to get the ball rolling on some these great activities.

In the meantime - a question for you - would any of you actually participate in a Twitch Live Coding Session? I did one with @nraboy and had a blast. I think it might be cool to spotlight a startup developer working on something cool. Or, would you prefer to do a brief Startup Spotlight Zoom session where we chat about your project and let the world know about it. These are just a couple of the options available - let me know what you would find most valuable.

Thank you and please be safe and stay well.



I don’t consider myself to be good enough (or entertaining enough) to do Twitch Live Coding Session. :slight_smile: Maybe some day. At some point I could be interested to have some Zoom session and talk about project(s) my startup has been working on.

Once project/product is released, I don’t think I will turn down any opportunity to promote it. :slight_smile: These times have put things on hold, but I try to look at it as opportunity to prepare even more for better times that are coming. :slight_smile:


Thanks Kerbe! We’ll be here when you’re ready to promote. Keep me in the loop on progress.


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Hey @Michael_Lynn,

This sounds like a great idea for startups.

I think I would prefer the zoom/podcast interview session. I will admit, I would be a bit nervous about a live stream; as well as the zoom/podcast interview (as it would be my first), but less so.

A question I have is as follows.
I am not sure at what level you would want the individual or startup before participation. I am a one-man startup that built a training center management webapp. I have released a version 1 and my first client has been using it since Jan 2020. The client is my electrical union hall (I am a licensed electrician as well). I am in the process of a version 2 which changes from a classic server setup to utilizing serverless technology with AWS and the Serverless Framework. The current version runs as a Docker container on AWS Fargate as a node.js server, using Apollo server to implement the graphql endpoint, with everything stored in MongoDB Atlas (with Charts to display metrics to the client) and React.js on the client.

The app allows the organization the ability to manage the data with creating skills and safety courses, which members will be able to sign up for online and attend in class sessions to achieve their certifications. Which can be share electronically (via qrcode, link, email) to employers for verification (employer records) rather than using physical cards!

Will do then.


YES! Perfect… Sean - I will reach out via email to get something on the calendar. Check out the previous podcast episodes to get an idea about the flow and content of the episodes. We’re really just looking to have interesting convos with interesting people about interesting technology and it sounds like all three of those things apply! I look forward to chatting with you.

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Unfortunately we’re handling private data that includes the DNA of our customer. So even doing a simple video about our app in action requires a lot of masking to not reveal the names of these living people.

Sorry have to pass but thanks for asking


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Andreas - thanks for letting me know… Would love to be able to help you amplify your success if we figure out some way of doing that securely.

Hey Michael, just wanted to find out if this offer still ongoing, it sounds like a great idea, and would love to participate in it.

I am currently working on a Cybersecurity solution that helps smart home owners find network vulnerabilities before hackers do.


Is this still running? (member of MongoDB Startup Program) it’`s building a cryptocurrency trading platform, powered by AI. We are still in Beta/Early access. We are using MongoDB as our principal data store and data platform aka BI. Maybe would be cool thing to have talk :slight_smile: