Chapters Lab Due end before full course has been completed

It would be fine keep all labs and problems open until finish course date. I’m not able to submit chapter 2 problems in my M001 course because Assignaments Due is End

Hi Oscar_57105,

In that case, you can carry on with the course as usual. But you won’t be able to submit previous Labs. Means it will affect your final grade. But you will be fine if you manage to get correct answers on rest of the course. :slight_smile:


As Kanika mentions, missing labs for one week does not mean an automatic failure for the whole course. So good luck with the rest of the course!

This topic has been discussed before and while I believe there are many reasons why MongoUni chose this approach, I do believe that the most important reason was to prevent cheating. If at any point in time you could race through all the labs and the exam within ten minutes, simply by using a cheatsheet from the web, that would severely lower the value of this cert/training. So by forcing students to work on a multi-week basis, on the one hand MongoU allow you flexibility, while at the same time protecting their own valuable content.

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