Chapter2 Quiz: JSON vs BSON

Why this is marked wrong. The answer on “detailed/corrent answer” is also showing the same solution.

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It could be due to the trailing spaces in your answer.
Kindly remove it and then click on Submit button.
I hope it will work!!

Oops…You have exhausted all three attempts.
No worries. I can give you credit for this quiz as your answers are correct.


Hi @Kushagra_Kesav

Thanks for the help

Although I am sure that I checked for whitespaces.

Hi @Bhaskar_Mahajan,

I wish it was like that - as you said - without whitespaces.

I’m attaching a snapshot of your submitted answer!!

Please let me know if you have any additional queries.!!

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Thanks @Kushagra_Kesav for the help

No other queries.

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