Chapter1. Can not login to mflix

If I try to open status page without singIn it obvious returns 401. After the authorization and successful completion of the “connection” task, I can not again sign in and pass the projection task in case of “Unauthorized error: Bad credentials”


The sign in functionality of the application is entirely different than signing in to Atlas! Later labs will have you implement the required methods to support local sign in from the application.

The projection ticket is completely unrelated to anything to do with signing in or user management. Are the unit tests for this lab passing but he UI is not validating?

You don’t need use login functionality to pass this ticket.
Just make sure that unit test ProjectionTest is passed and then
restart Application go to localhost:5000 and just press status button.
Good luck.

Oh, sorry it is all my inattention. I just run one test case and due to removing the _id another got failed.

Thank you ))