Chapter1_ Aggreagtion FrameWork Optional Lab

et’s find how many movies in our movies collection are a “labor of love”. Is this labors of love a title of a movie or so? I dont understand

@leroy_67662 ignore that line completely. It’s not the name of a movie, it’s just a saying!

I did raise it with the Curriculum Engineers but it seems nothing has been done to redact that line.

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Hey @leroy_67662,

Here, the “labor of love” is an expression. You have to check if the same person appears in the cast, directors, and writers.


So that is the only requirement for this lab


Hi @leroy_67662,

Yes, you need to find the number of movies where the same person appears in cast, directors and writers.

@007_jb, @leroy_67662 Thanks for the feedback!!
We will definitely work on simplifying the description of the lab so that users can understand it easily.

Please let me know, if you have any questions.