Chapter one lab

When doing the lab I’m using this command

Mongod —port 27000 —dbpath /data/dB —bind_ip “,” —fork —auth AND I’m getting this error cannot assign requested address

If you are doing the lab in vagrant, which I think you should, I do not think that is the correct IP address. It looks more like

Indeed I thought I had deleted this thread. Thanks gain

When I run my aggregation pipeline on the terminal I am getting 24 documents instead of 23

Hi @shantanumadane,

Can you please share a screenshot of what command exactly you are running so that we can understand better and help resolve the issue?

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I have used the below query


I was getting 24 yesterday now I am getting 23

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Just the alignment was different yesterday

Hi @shantanumadane,

There might have been some mess up with the query parameter. However, 23 is the correct count.

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