Chapter 4 $unwind pipeline quiz

i am bit confused under the detailed answer provided while using the $project pipeline whats the use of $trunc there, please let me know if can share the snippet of the $project pipeline

@Arshad_96328 this is a lab so it will be unfair to other students if details of the lab are discussed.

Suggest you go through the documentation for $unwind and test it out yourself. It works only on arrays.

Hi @Arshad_96328,

Please check your messages in discourse.

If after referring to the documentation, you still find any confusion, feel free to reply over the message.

Please let me know, if you have any questions

Thanks for the reply @007_jb, yes of-course that’s why i haven’t shared answer over here.

Very good! Do you still need anymore help with this?

thanks @007_jb, I will surely let you know.