Chapter 4: Ticket: Migration


I’m getting this on the status:

My code:

Not sure what conversion should I do ? The Date type to string ? Is that not done already in the pipeline on those methods already written ? Or I’m missing something like the List declaration is wrong maybe ? Help pls


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What is the data type in the collection movies for the field you updated using this script? :slight_smile: Assuming you have completed the code changes required for the Ticket: Migration.


I’m not sure where this is going but I’ll answer :

  1. data from collection is a string, example: lastupdated: “2015-08-26 00:03:50.1833000000”
  2. the code changes I’m asked to complete are the ones I screenshoted above

I think the conversion in the script is wrong - the script is trying to convert from that string to a date described as : “timezone”, “America/New_York” by taking only 0 to 23 chars and it’s not working for some reason which I can’t tell :smiley:

here is the script:

:laughing: Isn’t this we expect to happen everytime we start coding…

Can you share the pipeline which you built in Compass please? :slight_smile:


I did not built any pipeline in Compas it is already given, I posted above ?
The exercise does not require me to build any pipeline.
I appreciate the help but it does not seem you know what the ticket asks and the code we are given in Visual Studio.

Okay I finally got the status code. I just realized that Migrator is different main program so you have to run it first to do the updates, then run M220N and get the status code. Also forgot to update the connection string in line 21 :smiley: . Sorry my bad.


Hehe… That is awesome that you got it worked! Good luck with the course and enjoy with magic… :sparkler: