Chapter 4 - Ticket: Connection Pooling


I’m trying to complete this challenge but I get an error message after I run the unit test.

The implemented code on file is the following:

Someone has an idea of what may be happening??


After to install the pytest-flask module, now I get the following error message:

Please, help me with this issue

Hi @fbermeo1982,

Have you run the following command:

  pip install -r requirements.txt

If not, please do and let me know if it solves the issue. Also, check your .ini file.

If that does not solve, please share the contents of .ini file.


Hi @Kanika. Thanks for reply

After run the above code, the error persist:

My ini file is the following:

Hi @fbermeo1982,

I am unable to connect to the cluster using the following connection string:

 mongo mongodb+srv://

Please make sure you have whitelisted the IP from your atlas cluster and you are able to connect from your system.