Chapter 4: Resiliency: Ticket: Connection Pooling [Solved]

I’m using local instance of mongodb.

My is below:


Unit test is successful.

When tomcat is coming up, I see the logs for maxPoolSize is propertly set:

2019-03-27 10:48:43.003 INFO 10588 — [ost-startStop-1] o.s.b.w.servlet.ServletRegistrationBean : Servlet dispatcherServlet mapped to [/]
***!!! Connection string:[mongodb://localhost/mflix?maxPoolSize=50&retryWrites=true]***!!!
***!!! connString.getMaxConnectionPoolSize():[50]***!!!

But why I don’t get the correct status. Even if I refresh the page I’m still getting:

Connection Pooling: The return from the api was incorrect

Please disregard this. When I connected to Atlas instead of local, the issue got resolved.

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