Chapter 4 / Quiz 2: Logic Operators

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I don’t understand why the correct answer in the Quiz is this one :

In the previous lecture “Query Operators - Logic” you tell that we need to specify an explicit “and” operator.

Why the correct answer should’nt be the one with an explicit "and"g)


Hi @Emmanuel_Bernard1, welcome to the community.
Please note that the Quiz asks you to:

Which is the most succinct query to return all documents from …

Where succinct means said clearly or straightforward.

Hence from all the queries mentioned in the options, the correct one is the most succinct (by leveraging the power of implicit $and).

explicit $and can be used here as one of the options but it is straightforward as compared to implicit $and, the lecture was there to provide you an understanding of how you can use explicit $and when needed.

In case you have any doubts, please feel free to reach out to us.

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Sourabh Bagrecha,
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In the lecture, it is said “That is the correct airport, but the wrong airplane. This does match my query but it’s not the results that I was looking for. So I need to change my query to get the right results”.

In this example it seems that the “explicit $and” is missing to get the good results.

Why the query in the quiz2 is correct without this explicit $and ?

I think that the explanation is here ?

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