Chapter 4: Obsolete caveat - covered queries and embedded documents

This caveat is mentioned at location at 3:10 into video.
The caveat in question is ‘Any of the indexed fields are embedded documents’. The video implies that this index can’t be used to serve a covered query.

However, mongo DB docs say: “Changed in version 3.6: An index can cover a query on fields within embedded documents.” (

I suggest this be added to the notes associated with this video.


First of all, notice that in Chapter 1, Lab 1.1 students were instructed to install MongoDB 3.4 Enterprise. So, if you followed the lab instructions, the lecture warning would be very appropriate.

However, if you want to suggest a note I would suggest that you use the “Report an issue” tab at the bottom left of your screen to make this suggestion rather than posting it here. Those suggestions go directly to the curriculum team while posts here are normally not reviewed by them. Good luck.

Thanks for your prompt response DHz. I have reported the ‘issue’.