Chapter 4 lab 2 + "report an issue" is down

I tried reporting this directly through the lower left link, but the “report an issue” feature seems to be down. Therefore, this post will serve to point your attention to this error and as a suggestion to the curriculum designer. From a teaching standpoint, this question (ch4 lab2) is needlessly complicated and adds little value to the lesson. I showed this question to a developer who works with Mongo and he agreed that the question is overly complicated. The question is worded awkwardly and vaguely reminds me of a run-on sentence in English standards! Why does it feel like you’re piling multiple $and and $or operators for the fun of it? Please take this suggestion to heart and find a better question or eliminate this question altogether.

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Thanks for your suggestion @Nadine_Ibrahim. I agree with you and it seems to be a fair point.!

I will forward this suggestion to the concerned team and make sure we get the resolution as soon as possible.

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