Chapter 4 Lab 1 incorrect answer

Hi all, please help with the task: How many documents in the sample_training.zips collection have fewer than 1000 people listed in the pop field?

I wrote db.zips.find({“pop”:{"$lt": 1000}}).count()
and got 8064
I think the query is correct but the system tells than the answer is incorrect

Hello @Olga_Dubovskaya ,

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Your query is correct but your answer isn’t. Did you update the document while following the lecture?

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Yes, I think I update it. How can I cancel those updates? thanks)

If you know what changes you made undo those changes. Or go to

Frequently Asked Questions - MongoDB University / M001: MongoDB Basics - MongoDB Developer Community Forums

Find the question 5. and you’ll know how to make this right again. Thanks

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