Chapter 4 CRUD Optimization Lab 4.2 Aggregation Performance is not well redacted

Hi, the Lab 4.2 Aggregation Performance is not well redacted. The lab contains the following sentences:

"In the text box below, submit the index that resolves the issue.

For example, if you ran db.restaurants.createIndex({ foobar: 1 }) to fix the error, then you’d enter { foobar: 1 } into the text box."

My first solution was the correct solution in these format and was marked as wrong: { correct_field: 1}
My second solution was try with db.restaurants.createIndex({ correct_field: 1 }) and the third try I used other type of index.

This is not fair.

What can I do?

@Sonali_Mamgain (the Curriculum Support Engineer for this course) will be able to help tomorrow.

Hi @luisjmlky,

Please check your discourse inbox.

Please let me know, if you have any questions.