Chapter 4: $bucket and $bucketAuto - Two for the price of one

It appears that the following courses are the same with respect to which aggregation pipeline is being discussed:


For example, Lecture: The $bucket Stage and Lecture: Facets: Manual Buckets are lectured by different instructors but discuss the same $bucket stage. Perhaps this is intentional to provide students with more content.

I’ve completed this course but just bringing it everyone’s attention in case it causes any confusion. It’s also been reported to the University.


Hey @Opubo_19608

IMHO, I did like hearing the explanation from two different sources. I know they are virtually the same but it helped me better understand the content.

Please do not remove them. :slightly_smiling_face:

Good idea to bring it to students attention though.

@natac13 the one suggestion I gave the University was to rename the lectures so that they are more succinct. Something along the lines of:

Lecture: The $bucket Stage - Example 1
Lecture: The $bucket Stage - Example 2

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