Chapter 4: Advanced CRUD Operations Lab: Array Operators and Projection questions

Lab: Array Operators and Projection


To complete this exercise connect to your Atlas cluster using the in-browser IDE space at the end of this chapter.

How many companies in the sample_training.companies collection have offices in the city of Seattle?

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In this lab, I am looking for element “seattle” in “tag_list”, so my code is:

db.companies.find( { “tag_list”: { “$elemMatch”: { “tag_list”: “seattle” }}}).count()
But it returns result as 0.

I have no idea why I am wrong, could someone tell me plz? I

i think the problem is how you’ve write seattle.

Try it:
db.companies.find( { “tag_list”: { “$elemMatch”: { “$eq”: “Seattle” }}}).count()


Thx for your advice, but still 0, I am wondering if my code is some how wrong.

this is the general statement
{ field: { $elemMatch: { query1, query2, … } } }

so, you need to change the part of query

db.companies.find( { “tag_list”: { “$elemMatch”: { “$eq”: “Seattle” }}}).count()


Read the lab requirement correctly.

The name of the city starts with an upper case like hinted

But the most important part is have offices in the city of

Why do you look for a field named tag_list rather than a field named officies?

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My bad for looking for office location in wrong place, below is the right code:


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