Chapter 4: Advanced CRUD Operations Lab 1: Logic Operators

The current question is

In this case, we consider population of more than 1,000,000 to be over- populated and less than 5,000 to be under-populated.

The band of the query is 5000 to 1000000. The first answer in the detailed answer section is defining a band of 5001 to 999999, so if their had been data at 5000 and 1000000 the query would have come back with the wrong answer.

You need to add an $lte and $gte to the first answer.

Again the question could be better phrased…

We consider the ideal population to be between 5000 and 1000000 (inclusive), how many zips match this criteria.

Hi @NMullins ,

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I will pass it on to the team.

~ Shubham

He is right.

It has been almost a month and the question was not fixed.
This wastes the time of the student who do not understand why they are getting a wrong answer.