Chapter 4: Admin Backend Ticket: Migration

Inside Migrator project at line 35 it says

You will need to use a ReplaceOneModel

but i did not figure it out how.

datePipelineResults has 23530 records after that I wrote some codes like that

         List<ReplaceOneModel<Movie>> operations = new List<ReplaceOneModel<Movie>>();
            BulkWriteOptions options = new BulkWriteOptions() { IsOrdered = false };

            datePipelineResults.ForEach(c =>
                operations.Add(new ReplaceOneModel<Movie>(new BsonDocument("_id", c.Id), c) { IsUpsert = true });

            bulkWriteDatesResult = await _moviesCollection.BulkWriteAsync(operations, options);

but i get error in in the _moviesCollection.BulkWriteAsync line (ss below)

i need some help.

You need to work more on the filters. I would recommend watching the lecture again and then try again. :slight_smile:


@kanikasingla The video was all about the way to do this in the Mongo Shell. There was no mention of ReplaceOneModel in the video. This has happened a few times during this course - starting to wonder if there are additional videos that were lost? Can you please check the Ch4 Admin Backend Ticket video and link to the video that explains ReplaceOneModel?


Got your point @Deanna_Delapasse. We will keep this feedback in mind and will add lectures/ documents in future. :slight_smile:

cc @mongocaleb


Hi @kanikasingla or anyone else struggling with this. On poking around after realizing the URL in the Migration project was broken I discovered these docs which are more useful than the API docs. I hope that helps someone.

@kanikasingla @mongocaleb
I am running Migration Console Application project.
Documents Updated Successfully are
Date Pipeline : 23530
Rating Pipeline : 61

In verify it says : Uh oh. One or both of your pipelines missed 1 documents…

Data pipelines are provided I only add code to write bulk.

When I run MFlix web application and go to Status and click on Migration verification it always fails.

Please help…!!!

What I did was use a LINQ query to convert the datePipelineResults and the ratingPipelineResults to a collection of ReplaceOneModel. The ReplaceOneModel constructor expects the filter to find the document and the new document. So write a filter using Builders and for the second argument simply pass the document.

var models = pipelineResults.Select(movie => new ReplaceOneModel

… _collection.BulkWriteAsync(models);

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I met the same question,
Date Pipeline : 23530
Rating Pipeline : 61

In verify it says : Uh oh. One or both of your pipelines missed 1 documents…

I tried to load the dataset again and see if this can solve the problem ,any suggested solutions ? thanks!

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