Chapter 3: $unwind Lab answer format

The instructions for the lab say to format the answer like so:

{ "_id": "First Last", "numFilms": 1, "average": 1.1 }

But it was only when I inserted spaces before the colons that my answer was marked correct:

{ "_id" : "First Last", "numFilms" : 1, "average" : 1.1 }

This seems like something that should be fixed in the instructions, or else the answer checker should be made a little more flexible. Thanks!

Hi @Sherrylyn_Branchaw,

I tried to test this and it worked correctly for me when I tried to submit the answer in the following format:

{ “_id”: “First Last”, “numFilms”: 1, “average”: 1.1 }

The answer shouldn’t get marked incorrect with the added spaces. Unfortunately, I am not able to see the answer that you have submitted in the first attempt.
However, if you face similar issues in further labs, you cann share the screenshot of the same.

Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

Kind Regards,