Chapter 3 Ticket - User Management - User Login Test Fails

I’m really hung up on this section of the chapter. All tests pass except TestUserLogin which fails with the msg: Multiple failures or warnings in test:

  1. Expected: not null
    But was: null

  2. Expected: not null
    But was: null

Trying to track down the issue - user is NOT in the users collection and I don’t see where they would get added if the login routine doesn’t find them. Here is my implementation of LoginUserAsync:

        public async Task<UserResponse> LoginUserAsync(User user, CancellationToken cancellationToken = default)
                var storedUser = await GetUserAsync(user.Email, cancellationToken);
                if (storedUser == null)
                    return new UserResponse(false, "No user found. Please check the email address.");
                if (user.HashedPassword != null && user.HashedPassword != storedUser.HashedPassword)
                    return new UserResponse(false, "The hashed password provided is not valid");
                if (user.HashedPassword == null && !PasswordHashOMatic.Verify(user.Password, storedUser.HashedPassword))
                    return new UserResponse(false, "The password provided is not valid");

                // TODO Ticket: User Management
                // Locate the session object in the `sessions` collection by
                // matching the "user_id" field with the email passed to this function.
                // Then update the Session.UserId and Session.Jwt properties,
                // setting the former to the email and the latter to the
                // user.AuthToken that is passed in from the Controller.
                var sessionFilter = Builders<Session>.Filter.Eq(s => s.UserId, user.Email);
                BsonDocument bsonUserFilter = new BsonDocument();
                bsonUserFilter.Add(new BsonElement("email", user.Email));
                await _sessionsCollection.UpdateOneAsync(
                    Builders<Session>.Update.Set(s => s.UserId, user.Id).Set(s => s.Jwt, user.AuthToken),
                    new UpdateOptions() { IsUpsert = true },
                // If the session doesn't exist, allow MongoDB to create a
                // new one by passing the IsUpsert update option.
                //  await _sessionsCollection.UpdateOneAsync(
                //  new BsonDocument(...),
                //  Builders<Session>.Update.Set(...).Set(...),
                //  new UpdateOptions(...));
                storedUser.AuthToken = user.AuthToken;
                return new UserResponse(storedUser);
            catch (Exception ex)
                return new UserResponse(false, ex.Message);

Back at it this morning to try to debug this and I cnanot find the problem. Here is the code from the test:

        public async Task TestLogsInUser()
            var jwt = new JwtAuthentication
                SecurityKey = "ouNtF8Xds1jE55/d+iVZ99u0f2U6lQ+AHdiPFwjVW3o=",
                ValidAudience = "https://localhost:5000/",
                ValidIssuer = "https://localhost:5000/"

            var user = new User { Name = "Test User 2", Email = "", Password = "hdfn123?", AuthToken = jwt.SecurityKey };
            //var user = new User { Name = "Test User 2", Email = "", Password = "hdfn123?" };

                CancellationToken cancellationToken = new CancellationToken();
                var result = await _userRepository.LoginUserAsync(user, cancellationToken);
                Assert.AreEqual("No user found. Please check the email address.",
                var addUserResult = await _userRepository.AddUserAsync(user.Name, user.Email, user.Password);
                result = await _userRepository.LoginUserAsync(user);
                Assert.AreEqual("Test User 2", result.User.Name);
            catch (Exception e)
                await _userRepository.LogoutUserAsync(user.Email);
                await _userRepository.DeleteUserAsync(user.Email);

Holy crap. I went backward breaking user management validation before I finally tracked the problem. This is by far the most frustrating learning module I’ve ever experienced.

If I wasn’t required to get MongoDB certification, I would have been out of here in the previous module.

Horrible examples with zero help in the forums.

I solved the problem after six hours. Thanks for the help.

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