Chapter 3: Sharding - Quiz#1 When to Shard

I would like to offer an update to the first quiz of the 3rd chapter.
The question is: We should consider sharding when…
Current solution:

  • our organization outgrows the most powerful servers available, limiting our vertical scaling options.
  • government regulations require data to be located in a specific geography.
  • we are holding more than 5TB per server and operational costs increase dramatically.

Suggested solution:

  • all of the above

When starting a MongoDB project we usually have an idea of the size of data, regulations that have to be followed and other information, therefore it should be considered in this situation as well.
Also, when our disks are full it depends, is our disk 500GB or 15TB, why is it full, etc.

Since the problem is about considering sharding rather than using sharding it’s worth considering the suggested solution.


Hi @Gal_Itach,

Thanks for sharing your feedback.

Did you check the See detailed answer answer section for this quiz ?

Please go through it once and then let me know if you still have any questions.

~ Shubham

I’ve posted a suggestion to an answer change from my point of view.
I still think it’s worth updating but it doesn’t really matter as a quiz is ungraded.


Hello. Isn’t it better to remove word “file” from the first answer-option? Actually, it is true because it is possible to set up a port by the cmd-option.

Hi @Maksim_Pashkov,

Thank you for your suggestion.!!

We will forward this feedback to the concerned team and make sure we get the modification done as soon as possible.