Chapter 3: Sharding Lecture: Shard Keys Where is m103 databases?

I cannot follow the lecture instructions.

On lecture he connected m103-example-shard1 , but I don’t have it.

I reviewed the chapter2 and 3 classes from the beginning for reexamination, but couldn’t find the relevant procedure.

I don’t think I missed the previous class.

Of course I can make it manually. But If I make it manually, there is no data in it.

Therefore, the following commands cannot be executed in lecture note.

use m103 
show collections
db.products.createIndex( { "sku" : 1 } )
sh.shardCollection("m103.products", {"sku" : 1 } )

Hi @ys_70859,

You don’t have to follow the instructions mentioned in the Lecture. Whatever is being discussed in this video lecture, you will eventually do all these things in the lab. In the Lecture notes, we have mentioned the commands along with its explanation that we have used in the Lecture.

Hope it helps!

Shubham Ranjan
Curriculum Support Engineer

I contacted you because it might affect subsequent labs. Thank you for your answer.