Chapter 3: Patterns (Part 1) Lab: Apply the Attribute Pattern


Though command successful and generated code, if I paste the code in answer section, says incorrect and not allowing to try again as the code is same even if I try couple of times. I am not sure why?

PS C:\Users\rpkil\M320> ./validate_m320 pattern_attribute --file pattern_attribute.json
Errors - Invalid JSON format in file:
PS C:\Users\rpkil\M320> ./validate_m320 pattern_attribute --file pattern_attribute.json
Code removed as per guidelines. Please help me to figure it out

Hey @Ram_94949

Are you only copy and pasting the validation code? And please remove the validation code from your post. It is against forum guidelines.

I am copying only validation code in the Lab but it’s saying incorrect and reducing number of attempts.

Hi @Saurabh_Tandon

Can you open a new post to investigate your issue and provide some more details around what exercise and how many digits are in your validation code? I have seen in some cases where a digit is truncated and this can then value the validation when it is pasted.

Kindest regards,