Chapter 3 : Lecture : Basic Joins


I’ve tried to do the same thing as in the video for Basic Joins.
The problem is that compass tells me that “Stage must be a properly formatted document” so I don’t get any documents from doing the same aggregation, thus I cannot export any code to C#.

Screenshot with my Compass Aggregation written the same as in the video:
The match before the $lookup seems to work.

Also I noticed that I do not have the same size of mflix.movies as in the video. The collection mflix.movies from the video has 46.0k, my collection sample_mflix.movies has 23.5k. I loaded sample data from Atlas Cluster - > Load Sample Dataset. Does this mean that some of the aggregations / queries from lectures will not work ?
How do I make that aggregation work ?
Please help!

Thanks in advance !

You are missing a closing brace.

Your $expr is not properly terminated.


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