Chapter 3 IDE quiz question

SPOILER ALERT: This post reveals a solution the Chapter 3’s IDE space quiz question.

I’ve solved the quiz question using these two queries, is there a single line solution as well? maybe something like an if-else statement?

db.zips.updateMany({"city":"ALBANY", "state":"NY"}, {"$set": {"capital?": true}})
db.zips.updateMany({"city":"NEW YORK", "state":"NY"}, {"$set": {"capital?": false}})

There was no solutions for the quiz on its page, or at least I couldn’t find it, so thanks for your help.

P.S: BTW, sorry this is a different question but, is there a way to do the “.count()” in the Atlas’ data explorer as well? It currently says MANY for all queries (even for one which returned 21 documents!) which is a bit annoying. Thanks in advance.

Hi @Ader_Chox,

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Yes there is a way to solve this question in a single line query by using MongoDB aggregations i.e., $cond operator.

Here, You will have to do that in two distinct queries by using MongoDB Query language, just like you did it. :100:

As per the current version of Atlas, there is no way to do count() by using Atlas data explorer on the browser, but yeah using MongoDB Compass you can.

Hope it helps…!!
Feel free to reach out for any further questions.


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