Chapter 3 Final Quiz

Hi All,

Is the intention that we enter the number of documents or the mongo script to find the number in the answer text box?

Also is…

db.scores.count( { “results”: { $elemMatch: { $gte: 70, $lt: 80 } } } )

the same as…

db.scores.find( { “results”: { $elemMatch: { $gte: 70, $lt: 80 } } } ).count()


Hi @Daniel_88997,

We do not encourage the practice of posting answers or queries which lead to answer in the discussion forum for the labs, quizzes or final exams. As this may lead to a poor learning experience for other users. Please check your discourse inbox for the detailed explanation of your question.

Shubham Ranjan
Curriculum Support Engineer

Of course, it seemed that others were posting answers so I concluded that it was not an issue, I will know for future courses.

Maybe the Chatbot could make this explicit?