Chapter 3: Deeper Dive on the MongoDB Query Language Array Operators: $all


On the lecture when you use the $all: operator with 3 options it shows all arrays that contains the all 3 options,

Hi @Jose_20145,

The $all operator selects the documents where the value of a field is an array that contains all the specified elements in the query.

Let’s understand the query which we have implemented in the Lecture: Array Operators: $all.

db.movieDetails.find({genres: {$all: ["Comedy", "Crime", "Drama"]}}, {_id: 0, title: 1, genres: 1}).pretty()

When we execute this query, it will return all those document whose genres field contains all these three values “Comedy”, “Crime” and “Drama”.

Note: It will also return those documents which has any other value present in the genres field besides the three mentioned values.

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Shubham Ranjan
Curriculum Support Engineer

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