Chapter 3: Deeper Dive into the MongoDB Query Language

Hi, on my mongodb example don´t have 100YWeatherSmall db. how can answer the Quiz of this topic.?

I do not remember if it is supposed to be on the shared cluster or on your sandbox cluster. But if it is supposed to be on your sandbox cluster I would check the instructions are as they probably mentioned how to import it.

It is available on Class cluster

2020-03-22T10:15:17.579+0530 I NETWORK [ReplicaSetMonitor-TaskExecutor] Successfully connected to (1 connections now open

MongoDB Enterprise Cluster0-shard-0:PRIMARY> show dbs
100YWeatherSmall 0.128GB
admin 0.000GB

Also your quiz or lab would have mentioned where to connect as below

“Connect to the M001 class Atlas cluster from Compass and view the collection”

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Hi @Eulises_32053,

As others have mentioned, the 100YWeatherSmall database is present in the class atlas cluster. You can connect to this cluster using this connection string :

mongo "mongodb+srv://" --username m001-student -password m001-mongodb-basics

Hope it helps!

Please feel free to get back to us if you have any other query.

Shubham Ranjan
Curriculum Services Engineer