Chapter 3 capital city quiz

The chapter 3 quiz does not mention a database or collection. Which database or collection should I use?

Practice Question:

People often confuse New York City as the capital of New York state, when in
reality the capital of New York state is Albany.

Add a boolean field “capital?” to all documents pertaining to Albany NY, and
New York, NY. The value of the field should be true for all Albany documents
and false for all New York documents.

When searching for an answer here I found out that I seem to have a different beginners course, than other people?

I have the following chapters in my M001 course;

Chapter 1: What is MongoDB?

Chapter 2: Importing, Exporting, and Querying Data

Chapter 3: Creating and Manipulating Documents

Chapter 4: Advanced CRUD Operations

Chapter 5: Indexing and Aggregation Pipeline

Chapter 6: Next Steps

May be they updated the course for the latest batch
Your topics match with what is mentioned on University course page
Do you find reference to capital city in previous chapters?
Course instructors or other students registered for this course can comment more on this

Hi @Ruud_Siebierski,

This is a practice problem and it pertains to the sample_training.zips collection.

We launched a new version of the M001 course on 29th of September so any user enrolled in any previous offering would see older content.

Hope it helps!

~ Shubham