Chapter 2: User-Facing Backend Ticket: User Management


I’m facing an issue with User Management lab. All the unit tests(4) were passed and when I started the server and check status for User Management I’m getting the below error.
“User Management: invalid response to register”

I’ve debugged the code and checked whether the email is being saved in mongo or not, and I don’t find any issue with my dao implementation.

Can anyone help me please on this issue… I appreciate in advance…

Sriharsha Tumati

Please make sure that all the functions should return list instead of null. Also, implement try catch block to see if something fails.

You can also check the console for any error message when you are trying to get the validation code.


Finally I’m able to find the issue…

I’m using java 12, and the mflix code has some classes which were deprecated from java 9. So all I’ve done is add the out of the box dependencies in pom.xml manually.

Sriharsha Tumati