Chapter 2: User-Facing Backend Ticket: Faceted Search

I passed this ticket the last week, but know it appears like fail. Why? What is the problem?

Hi @Yaiza_29935

Can you be more specific in what has failed ? Is it the verification button for this test in the mflix app that is now failing and you are no longer getting a verification code ?

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Thanks for answering me.
The error is that I pass this ticket the last week, and now I can get de verification code with out any problem, but suddenly this morning it appears like no submit, fail. I don´t know the reason.

I attach a photo:

Hello there,

I have this issue too. I solved this ticket and got a verification code that has been recognized as correct. But today I found that it has FAIL status.

But, if I going to I see the right green status on “Faceted Search”.

Yes, even i am facing same issue. Showing as fail

Happened to me as well.

@SHANTIBAN_90104 @digitalduke @Yaiza_29935

I also faced the same issue.

I also have the same situation.
Don’t know why…


Same issue here.