Chapter 2: User-Facing Backend Basic Writes

Electronicsdb use in this lecture but can’t find this db in mflix data folder. From where can i get this database?

Was wondering the same thing…

Same. Not sure where to find this.

Same problem… Don’t exists Eletronicsdb in mflix database

ElectronicsDB is NOT part of the dataset we are working with. It is only show in this video as an example. I’m thinking that it was maybe part of the old Python course, which was an M1xx training if I recall correctly. That would also explain why it’s not Matt, but someone else doing the voice-over.

You will just have to watch the video and try what their showing on your mflix database, with different values and fields.

Hi all,

The electronicsDB can be created by running the jupyter notebook for this lesson.

In this handout file you can followup all the instructions that the instructor (Nathan) is describing.
It is not related with prior courses. We just trying to use different datasets so we don’t mess up too much with the mflix data, in the lecture videos.


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Use jupyter to follow the video…

jupyter notebook

It has methods to create electronicsDB into the existing MongoDB instance…

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I am having hard time getting the Jupyter run and execute code blocks. I am able to open the Jupyter notebooks on my browser using http://localhost:8888/tree, and able click your_first_read.ipynb and it opens on a new tab but I am getting kernel timeout after a while. Not able to execute any code.

I have updated my imort ste as follows,

import pymongo

uri = “mongodb+srv://”
client = pymongo.MongoClient(uri)
m220 = client.m220
movies = m220.movies


make the following change in code
m220 = client.220
m220 = client.mflix

and try to execute

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I tried it but I am getting the same result. I am not able to execute any code.