Chapter 2: Ticket: Delete Comments

I’m trying to solve the “Delete Comments” ticket.
My unit tests are all OK, but when I go to the status page, I get the following error: “Delete Comments: g.json.comments is undefined”.
Please help me solve this issue.
Thank you,

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Hi @imremy,

can you send us a screenshot of your status page?

Here is my status page. I have 2 issues (see open issue Chapter 2: Ticket: Create/Update Comments)

Thank you

Thanks @imremy,

I’ll come back to you on this shortly.

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Hi @imremy,

There is a front-end validation unhandled exception, that we are about to fix, but the error that you are encountering is due to some issue in your getMovie implementation.

I cannot seem to reproduced this though.


As @Norberto said, there is a problem in the front end validation, but it can be fixed by adding the comments to the response payload even if the comment isn’t deleted:

public boolean deleteMovieComment(
          String movieId, String email, String commentId, Map<String, Object> results) {

    if (!commentDao.deleteComment(commentId, email)) {
          MessageFormat.format("user `{0}` cannot delete comment `{1}`", email, commentId));
      Movie movie = MovieDocumentMapper.mapToMovie(movieDao.getMovie(movieId));
      results.put("comments", movie.getComments());
      return false;
    Movie movie = MovieDocumentMapper.mapToMovie(movieDao.getMovie(movieId));
    results.put("comments", movie.getComments());
    return true;

This should be fixed in the front-end, but in the mean time it will help you progress :slight_smile:


I’m getting error “Delete Comments: Cannot read property ‘0’ of undefined”, even though all tests pass.

same here, any fix will help in ui validations?

Hi @nicomv, thanks for your help, but I’m still getting an error: “Delete Comments: Deletion was performed but unsuccessful”. When debugging the code, I see that the comments that are deleted don’t match the ones that were inserted (different _id), so the comment can’t be deleted.

@Norberto Have you seen the last post?

When I implemented this hack, the error message on the “status” page changed from original:
"Delete Comments: Cannot read property ‘0’ of undefined"
"Delete Comments: Deletion was performed but unsuccessful"

So still no luck for me. Oh crap.

Hi there,

Make sure that you using the correct type for fieldcommentId in the delete method!


I am getting the following error ‘Delete Comments: Unable to retrieve movie comments’

Do you sort the comments descending by date?


I missed to add the sort statement for ordering by descending date at MovieDao.getMovie and it went thru until i got errors at creating/updating/deleting comments.

Once I went back and add the statement it worked! Thanks for the hint @steevej-1495 !

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HI Team, i am not getting validation codes for comments(UpdateCreateComment/Detele/Get) .Please help me out in this.

If the error messages you get are the same as the one from this thread, please apply the same solution. Otherwise start a new thread and provide error messages. Nobody can help you if you do not provide the error messages.

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