Chapter 2 Quiz: Data Explorer

In the sample_training.trips collection a person with birth year 1961 took a trip that started at “Howard St & Centre St”. **What was the end station name for that trip?

Anyone please provide answer for this question and query.
Thank you.


If the first attempt fails or you have any doubt, please include it. Normally we don’t provide plain answers, but instead help you go thru.


Very disappointing :expressionless:

I am getting different results while cross verifying id 572bb8222b288919b68ac3b6
{“end station name”:“E 6 St & Avenue B”, “birth year”:1961}

What do you get?

In what way it is different?

As part of Chapter 2, Quiz Data Explorer, I queried the collection sample_training.trips correctly {“birth year”:“1961”, “start station name”:“Howard St & Centre St”}, but this is giving me 0 results.

Is anyone facing the same issue and what can we do further?

Hi @Aditya_Dixit,

If really you are facing this issue.
We suggest you to re-load the sample data in the Atlas Cloud.

To reset your collections to their initial state we recommend that you delete all the sample data from your Cluster and load a fresh copy of sample data from the menu.


Load sample data to your cluster


I am having the same problem as @Aditya_Dixit. Strangely it gives me result if I query {“birth year”:1961). That is without double quote in value.
Load sample data to your cluster only explain loading data. But I am unable to find option to delete existing dataset.
It will be helpful if students get to know exact steps to delete an existing data from the cluster.

“1961” and 1961 are two different types string and number respectively. Thus we need to look for type of stored data.

@steevej it seems sample db load issue, caused it gave me wrong result and my all 3 attempts failed.

Hi @Paramjit_Singh,

There are several ways to delete the existing dataset.

A simple one will be using the Atlas Cloud Cluster.
When you hover the mouse cursor you’ll see the small delete icon beside the database name, you can click it to drop the databases one by one.

Second way is by using the db.dropDatabase() method:

use <database_name>

Please feel free to reach out, in case of any further queries.


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Hi @Aditya_Dixit,

Here, your query is wrong.

1961 will be not in the double-quotes (" ").

In this case, it will be considered as string but the birth year is in the integer format within the collection.
So, kindly make sure of that. If the problem still persists, reset your collection following above given steps.

Please feel free to reach out, in case of any further queries.

All the Best,

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Thank you for the prompt reply. The issue is resolved. Actually the delete icon beside the database name is only visible when cursor hover over it.

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Hi @Paramjit_Singh,

Yeah, it will be visible when you hover the mouse cursor over there.

Hi @Kushagra_Kesav,

Thanks for the explanation, it helped. Now more clear of querying the data keeping in mind the data type.

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