Chapter 2: Quiz Data Explorer

Hi everybody, I wrote the right query for solving this quiz:
In the sample_training.trips collection a person with birth year 1961 took a trip that started at “Howard St & Centre St”. What was the end station name for that trip? Copy and paste your answer from the Atlas UI to the response text box. The station name should be in a single set double quotes, exactly as it is in the Data Explorer.
Query: {“birth year”: 1961, “start station name”: “Howard St & Centre St”}
I found the document and copied and pasted the answer: end station name: “South End Ave & Liberty St” but the quiz marked it as wrong, then I tried pasting the query (thinking my English was my problem) but again it was not the right answer. Somebody can help me?

If the question is

can the answer really be the text:

or should it be simply the name of the end station?

I appreciate your help but it doesn’t work, I wrote just the phrase “South End Ave & Liberty St”, but again the quiz marked me as wrong.

The only thing I can see I this point is that you cut-n-paste your answer from somewhere the quotes are the fancy html double quotes.

Cut-n-paste the same text but type the double quotes with your keyboard.

Badly formatted code and data generates the wrong quotes. 8-(

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What is the correct answer then?

Hi @Shambhavi_Singh,

Welcome to the MongoDB Community forums :sparkles:

We don’t post the actual answer on the forums in order to maintain the integrity of the quiz and labs of the course. Please share your question on the forums and we will be happy to help you out.


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Thanks a lot, I followed with the lab and in the IDE space I got a correct answer, as you said, should be something like the bad formatted.