Chapter 2: MongooDB shell warning

I followed the Linux/mac instructions to install MongoDB but the example was on Mac which ended up being very different from Ubuntu16.04. There were clear instructions on the website so didn’t think it mattered too much and I got it all working. However when I connection to the cluster for the lessons it gives the following warning:

WARNING: shell and server versions do not match

Can anyone help here?

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MongoDB server version: 3.6.8 which is being used, but if you have mongo client different version than that, then you will get that warning. you still be able to connect and work on it for this course. but for the production use, server and client version be same is advisable.

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OK thanks, I will use i as it is for now but how would I go about correcting this? Can I just uninstall and install the client or should I uninstall everything?

You need to downgrade the current client version to match the same version the sever is running on the server… And of course you must uninstall it if running on windows machine or manage to install the version 3.* alongside the current version u are running setting up different path for both


Thanks Sidoine. I’m working on Linux (Ubuntu Mate) - is the client specifically just “mongodb” and can I downgrade using apt-get? i.e.

$ sudo apt-get install mongodb=3.6.8