Chapter 2: Migration

I am failing to get the code for this ticket even though the migration was a success and the unit tests pass successfully. I haven’t change the logic or any kind of content at and even though the 2 tests of the class passes i can’t get the code for this ticket.

Hi @Klevis_32522,

What do you see when you try getting validation code for Migration?



I am having the same issue.

I am having the same problem. Please HELP! Thanks.

I have the same issue.

The unit tests already pass before changing any code. Have you corrected the database?

MongoDatabase mflix = MongoClients.create(mongoUri).getDatabase(“mflix”);

MongoDatabase mflix = MongoClients.create(mongoUri).getDatabase(“sample_mflix”);

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My unit tests didn’t pass before changes.
Today I performed migration on “sample_mflix” database and it works :slight_smile:, thanks!

I had already made the change tfrom mflix to sample_mflix. Mine still doesn’t work. However I get the following error message on the prior test — even though the test passes. I don’t know if it has anything to do with the migration test not passing.

error thrown - JWT signature does not match locally computed signature. JWT validity cannot be asserted and should not be trusted.

I have tired changing my jwtSecret to different things…and using it verses the m22password but still no luck

To Wojciech_Pietrucha_98370

I think I understand the pattern here. If you don’t have a database called mflix the unit tests pass because there are no unconverted documents because there are no documents at all. However if someone happens to have an old version of the database called mflix then the unit tests fail until the unconverted documents in mflix are fixed. However validation still fails because validation uses sample_mflix, not mflix.

To Julie_66566

I had jwt issues with another ticket that later I could not reproduce. I think some of the jwt problems are browser state related: try clearing cookies or try another browser.

I am also having authorization issue using invalid token. Did this got resolved for you??

Does any one know how to fix this issue? my unit test had passed but I could not get the validation code

Hi Hung

I bit stuck at creating ratingStringFilter . could you provide some hint Since not much time is left for this ticket

take a look on the unit test. so you could figure out how to build the filter

Thanks that worked!!
However i am still getting connection error
I checked both the uri & database name

the database name should be sample_mflix

done. I have passed the last ticket for chapter 3

Thanks I realized that database name has to be updated at two placed.
Finally completed thus ticket also.