Chapter 2: Many-to-Many Relationship Quiz discussion

The question in the quiz is as follows:
Which of the following are true about modeling this many-to-many relationship with the document model in MongoDB?

And one of the correct options is: Embedding actors in movies still requires a separate collection to store all actors.

I disagree with this answer, as the question is about de document model in MongoDB, not about the requirements of the database. The explanation argues the answer about the consistency of the actors’ data, but it is something that is not specified in the statement and does not have to be true for the document model in MongoDB.

What do you think?

Hi @Jesus_Trujillo,

I understand your point. But in the question statement it is written as “for a system that could provide detailed information about either a movie or an actor.”

So, while modeling the document model in MongoDB, we need to consider the requirements first that we want details for both movies and actors. That is why the option is correct as we would like to extract actors information even if the actor has not done any movie.