Chapter 2 Lecture: Reading documents using CMD


I’m using a windows 10 and trying to find documents using cmd and cmd seems not outputting the documents. Anyone can help?

Just to be sure that your collection has any documents in it, do


So if I search in the original movies collection I will get a count of 1029440

Sort of inline with @NMullins suggestion, make sure there are documents in the collection. There is a step to load the move details documents prior to doing the exercises. There is a script “loadMovieDetailsDataset.js” in the handouts I believe.

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Good Evening @Bryle_Kevin_17755,

You are doing Great!! and on the Right track. :sunglasses:

The movieDetails does not have the field “mpaaRating” :thinking:


Use “rated” for this exercise

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Yup, on the nose!

The important thing in M001 is to not confuse the “movies” database on the shared cluster, versus “movieDetails” on your private cluster. … or was it vice versa? :wink:

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