Chapter 2, Lecture: Deleting Documents - no script template

Shannon provides no template for the command to load the data. This process seems different than the one in loadMovieDetails.Dataset. Where can I get the cluster string?

Can you provide updated instructions to load the loadReviewsDataset?

Please connect to your Sandbox cluster and use load() function
You must have already setup your Sandbox from there you will get connect string

How to load files into cluster

Hi @Paul_Brugger_23002,

I hope you found the link shared by @Ramachandra_37567 helpful.

If you have any other query, then please feel free to get back to us.

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Shubham Ranjan
Curriculum Support Engineer

I got it, thank you. For anybody else wishing to load the movieDetails collection:

  1. unzip the file to any directory
  2. connect to your sandbox cluster using your normal connection string FROM THIS DIRECTORY
  3. use the videos db (use video)
  4. load(ā€œloadMovieDetailsDataset.jsā€)
  5. verify with show collections