Chapter 2 : Lab: Using Cursor like Stages

For this Lab in Chapter 2, though my answer is correct, however, my approach is different from the one you have provided. I am definitely using a lot more stages than the solution provided. Should this be OKAY?

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First of all, please follow Forum guidelines and do not post code or potential answers here. I have edited your post to remove the code. Thanks.

Any method that will get the answer is fine. Yours may have some additional stages, and therefore be a bit less optimized, but anything that gets you where you want to go will work, so it’s definitely OK. :wink:


I am trying to use setIntersection to implement but its being returned as blank for all the cases


If you have a new question that isn’t covered in this post, then please create a new post with your question. Thanks.

thank you DHz… much appreciated!!