Chapter 2: Lab - Bringing it all together


I’m kind of lost here… I’ve done what (I thought) was correct, but the movie I’ve got was “Blues Story”, with the value of 1 for scaled_votes, and a normalized_rating of 3.2…

The problem is that this movies isn’t one of the available choices… So clearly, I did something wrong…

Below is what I’ve done, can anybody give me some hints on what am I doing wrong?

Try sorting by normalized rating, your current implementation is sorting by scaled_votes

@ pmguerre

Well, thanks for at least attempting to hide your code - however, please do not post any code here, even if hidden, as it’s a temptation. I have edited your post to remove that.

And you might try the suggestion of @ Tosho_39272 which looks pretty reasonable. :wink:


@Tosho_39272 Well, next time I’ll read the question, at least, 20 times before asking… Thanks

@DHz sorry