Chapter 2: Lab: Analyze Log Components - No log file after running python script

I was able to start the mongod process and run the python script but I dont see a log file being generated. Not sure what im doing wrong

I think you have to pass logfile to your mlogfilter
Check your single.cfg for your logpath location

The folder path is the one in the picture C:\m312-vagrant-env.vagrant but I dont see a log file even after running the python app

Yeah I reran the scripts and theres no output or log files anywhere. Not sure what im doing wrong

Please show the contents of your single.cfg
You may be checking under wrong dir
You can check directly on vagrant box instead of searching in Windows
I think it is under /home/vagrant or /shared

Also check this thread

Lab 2 python /shared/ not giving any out put

Thank you very Ramachandra, I didnt really think about it but I was looking on my local computer for the log file. It was in the folder on the vagrant box like you said.

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