Chapter 2 lab 2 : configuration file

when i try to run

mongod --config mongod.conf

on the lab IDE i keep getting error:

Error reading config file: No such file or directory
try 'mongod --help' for more information

whats the problem

Well, the error is self-explanatory. You may need to check if there is a typo in the file name or if the file exists in the current directory from which you execute ‘mongod’ command. You may also need to use an absolute path name if necessary.

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this doesn’t apply in this case since i’m using the integrated IDE provided for the course. i am not using mongo shell on my local environment.

Post a screenshot of the whole IDE.

Post the output of the commands:

ls -l

@Arash_Bahariye, we are still awaiting for the extra information requested. If your issue is resolve please provide the solution for the benefit to all readers.

I have the same problem…

Hi @Touka_MNGDB,

As Steevej stated in the above post please share the screenshot of the output of the given command:

ls -l

~ Kushagra