Chapter 2 Lab 2 Bringing it All Together

Doing the calculation $subtract: [, <x_min>]. Replacing “Simdb.votes” for . Aggregation errors on the subtraction with the following message, “cant $subtract adouble from a string”. Not sure why “$imdb.votes” resolves into a string in this.

Don’t you think there’s underlying data that needs to be filtered out? :thinking:

PS: You can use use backslash to escape the character that isn’t showing

Yes, I did some pre-validation to make certain that “$imdb.votes” exited before doing the calculation. I also may have had “$imdb.Votes” at one point. Anyway, I am getting results now!

An existence check wasn’t sufficient. This is what I was getting at:

You wouldn’t have encountered this error if you had initially filtered out records as per lab instructions:

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Got it, thanks!

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