Chapter 2 Lab 1 is frustrating

I was trying to solve it using all of the things that have been covered in this class and the basics class, but apparently there’s a function that you need that hasn’t been covered yet. I spent probably two hours trying to figure out how to make what I knew work. Once i finally hopped on here i found a previous discussion that mentioned how they compared the two arrays, and then i was able to get it all to work within a few minutes.

Just… needed to rant.

You’ll get a couple of more of those scenarios so buckle up! :wink:

Thanks for sharing the feedback @David_41441! I will look into this :slight_smile:

Also, to double check, you are talking about Lab: Using Cursor-like Stages lab, right? Let me know if thats not the case.


Yes, that’s the one i’m talking about