Chapter 2 is unlock

After finishing Chapter 1 the chapter 2 was automatically unlocked even though its start date is set to january 15.
Is this the expected behavior and I can follow as I wish or is there an error?

Thank you

Hi, are you sure it’s unlock? I have completed chapter 1, but when I click on chapter 2, it said no data receive from server.

Yes, Mine too unlocked just after completing chapter 1. Also received confirmation email as :
You’ve unlocked week 2 of M001!
Congratulations, because you’ve completed all of the assignments in week 1 of M001 you now have access to content in week 2.|


Hi Everyone,

Yes, thats the expected behaviour. :slight_smile:

After a lot of feedback from people, we have introduced a new feature “Unlocked” which will unlock the next Chapter if you have completed the current one.

Let me know what you think about it! :slight_smile:



Hi, It’s not working for me

Hi Daniel_66266,

This is the new feature which we are testing. As I can see, you are registered for the general January offering.

Let me see what I can do.



Me too waiting for the chapter 2 to release. Is there any way to unlock chapters if we completed the current one ?


Agree, would be nice to get the course done at my own pace. It took about 30 minutes for chapter 1, and it does not make much sense to just sit and wait for a week to unlock the next one.

As @Kanika said, for people registered to the new training this should in fact work. She’s already looking into this, to see if there’s a bug somewhere.

Hi Kanika,

Please look into mine as well. Chapter 2 is still locked for me.


Hi Everyone,

There are currently 2 offerings for M001:

  1. With unlockable chapters, you can check if you see “2019_January_UC” in the URL
  2. Without unlockable chapters, you can check if you see “2019_January”

People doing offering without unlockable does not mean they won’t be able to access Chapter 2, they will get access next Tuesday as our normal offerings do.

Currently, unlockable chapters are in testing phase, so it’s not rolled out for all the courses and offerings.

Let me know if you have any more doubts.



Hi kanika , it’s not working for me as well.

You need to read Kanika’s post which is literally above yours. It explains in full detail why it’s nit working for you.

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Got it Tess, I literally didn’t saw kanika’s post above me.

Thanks for your answer, Is there a way you guys can switch my account to the unlockable path?

Thanks in advance

Actually, this feature is good. One of my colleagues has Ch2 unlocked, but I have not, Ch2 is still locked for me.
I have Ch1 complete (lectures, quizes, labs).
Can You please help me with Ch2 unlock? May be, i have missed something?
At i see " Currently On Chapter 1: Introduction 26 of 26 Items Completed", no “Next chapter” button.

I see above comment abount “unlock” path, but I want to be sure that i really complete Chapter 1.

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That looks like not having currently a network connection

Hi Vladislav_93456,

I am sorry but it is a limited functionality test. You will be able to access the content next week.