Chapter 2: Importing, Exporting, and Querying Data

Hello everybody!

I am starting studies with mongoDB and this problem appeared:

The course url is as follows:

What’s happening to me is in “Chapter 2: Importing, Exporting, and Querying Data”, in “Quiz: Data Explorer”

I used the following filter to search the data:
{“birth year”: 1961, “start station name”: “Howard St & Center St”}

Which returns the following document:
{"_id": {" oid": "572bb8222b288919b68abf5b"}, "tripduration": {" numberInt": “889”}, “start station id”: {" numberInt": "268"}, "start station name ":" Howard St & Center St "," end station id ": {" numberInt “:” 3002 “},” end station name “:” South End Ave & Liberty St “,” bikeid “: {” numberInt ":" 22794 "}," usertype ":" Subscriber "," birth year ": {" numberInt “:” 1961 “},” gender “: {” numberInt ":" 2 "}," start station location ": {" type ":" Point "," coordinates ": [{" numberDouble “:” - 73.99973337 “}, {” numberDouble ":" 40.71910537 "}]}," end station location ": { "type": "Point", "coordinates": [{" numberDouble": “- 74.015756”}, {" numberDouble": "40.711512"}]}, "start time": {" date": { " numberLong": "1451606466000"}}, "stop time": {" date": {"$ numberLong": “1451607356000”}}}

Well, if the consultation returned this document to me, with the anniversary date of 1961 and the name of the final station, according to the document returned by the consultation, the name of the last station is “South End Ave & Liberty St”. But the QUIZ field does not accept this answer.

can anybody help me?

I suspect your quotes are off. Just cut-n-paste the text and enter the double quotes manually. Some software introduce fancy forward and backward double quotes. Real normal double quotes are:

"This text is in normal double quotes"

“This text is inside fancy forward and backward double quotes”.

Also ake sure you do not have any leading or trailing spaces.


Hello and Welcome @unSystem_N_A

It’s Centre instead of Center

But be aware of the quotes because it looks strange.

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Thanks to @steevej-1495 steevej-1495 and @Santiago_Miranda Santiago_Miranda. But today, when analyzing your answer, when entering the QUIZ page, a request was automatically made (browser history) and you submitted the QUIZ without my real intention and I missed all 3 attempts.

Unfortunately, this doubt will stay for the next one.

Thank you all!

Hi @unSystem_N_A,

If you still have any doubts then you can check the details in the See Detailed Answer section of this quiz.