Chapter 2: Importing, Exporting, and Querying Data Quiz: Data Explorer

I started the M001 afresh but could not find the sample_training.trip collection. I can only see video.movieDetails collection. How can I get the sample_training database for me to complete my assignment?

Please help.

Have you loaded sample data into your cluster?
It would have been covered in your lectures/labs

In Chapter 1: What is MongoDB? Lab: Create and Deploy an Atlas Cluster, in step 10, see Load the Sample Dataset.

Hi @Olusanya_Afolabi-Adewunmi1,

Just FYI - We recently launched a new version of the course which uses different dataset and has entirely new content and assessments.

So I would recommend you to go through all the lectures and labs from the beginning.

Let me know if you have any questions.

~ Shubham

Dear Shubham,

Thank you so much for this helpful update.

I should be okay with this.

Best regards,

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